The Boulder Independent Business Alliance - BIBA

This company has decided not to pay their bill for our out of pocket expenses.

We've provided them with decades of free web and email hosting as we support Boulder Businesses and they stiffed us for out of pocket payments we made on their behalf.

This message will remain up until balances are paid. The Boulder County Independent Business Alliance (BIBA) is a grassroots organization that advocates for locally owned, independent businesses in Boulder County. BIBA promotes small businesses and educates Boulder County residents on the value of shopping locally, as well as interfacing with city council to discuss the impact of legislation - focusing on efforts to preserve Boulder's unique character and ongoing economic viability.

We strive to support these goals through advocacy and education within the community, as well as with member benefits like brand recognition, enhanced community presence, and cooperative marketing. BIBA highlights not only the local independence of our members and the importance of shopping locally in Boulder County, but also the impact that these choices make to our economy, our environment, and to our society.